Why Pledge

The United States is the only industrialized country in the world with no government mandated parental leave, so it’s up to the private sector to inspire change from within. When you join The Pledge, you and your company are making history by standing up for future generations.

Good For Our Industry

The creative sector traditionally has one of the worst work/life balances. When your company joins The Pledge, you help us break that horrible mold, and forging a new generation of creative companies that put our employees (and their families) first, not our clients.

Pledge Parental Leave is a hugely important movement for the US creative industry that will help not only individuals and families but companies and society at large.

Jules Ehrhardt, Co-Founder, Pledge Parental Leave

Parental leave is extremely important to us for the health and wellbeing of our employees. Expanding your family is a moment of enormous change, especially in the beginning, and we want to make sure we provide time for mental and physical healing, bonding, and adjustment. Providing ample paid leave is our way of supporting our employees in this crucial time.

David Eisenman, CEO & Co-Founder Madwell
Good For Your Company

As it gets harder to recruit amazing talent, ping pong & free snacks only get you so far. By joining The Pledge, you’re breaking the status quo, differentiating yourself in the recruitment marketplace, and establishing your company as a progressive, forward-thinking diamond in the ruff.

For us, a great Parental Leave policy is a core investment in our company culture. At Doberman, we expect our people to be on the very top of creativity and innovation. That is why well-being and work/life balance becomes the single most important piece of a sustainable business model.

Lisa Lindström, Founder & CEO, Doberman

We think that it’s incredibly important to support our people throughout the major transitions in their lives - a strong parental leave policy is a foundation for a human-centered company. In our experience, if employees feel supported and enabled in their lives, the business impact will naturally follow.

Duane Bray, Partner, IDEO
Good For Your Employees

Your employees are the most valuable asset your business can have, you spend thousands recruiting and onboarding them, so why wouldn’t you do everything possible to keep them? Joining The Pledge is great for morale, employee retention, and your company’s reputation.

As a proud founding partner of this initiative, we look forward to more organizations recognizing that better arrangements for working parents can deliver extraordinarily positive social and business impact over the long term.

Richard Whitehall, Executive Director and Partner, Smart Design

When you're starting a company and looking for talent, It's not just about ping pong tables and free snacks. When it comes to recruiting, showing your current and potential employees that you're serious about investing in them and their families is crucial from the outset.

John Borthwick, CEO, Betaworks

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