Pledge Parental Leave is setting the standard for paid leave benefits in the U.S. creative industry

Four simple promises, one monumental statement


    3 Months Paid Leave

    Fully paid leave for the primary caregiver


    3 Months Medical Coverage

    Uninterrupted medical insurance coverage


    6 Months Job Security

    Return to the same or similar role, guaranteed


    Open Policy

    Commitment to making the policy openly available online

Too many parents face an impossible choice: Their new child, or their paycheck. Our administration is proud to lead by example by providing fully paid parental leave to City employees. Yet the United States still lags behind the rest of the world in offering this vital, basic benefit. That’s why leadership from businesses like those in the Pledge Parental Leave coalition is vital – and we need others to quickly follow suit.

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City

Meet our founding partners

  • ustwo
  • Veryday
  • IDEO
  • Doberman
  • Co: Collective
  • Betaworks
  • Dots
  • Wolff Olins
  • Smart Design

6,061 Employees
are covered under Pledge Parental Leave as of . Is your company ready to make history?